As an Olympian and a World Extreme Skiing Champion, I’ve learned that the challenges of the mountain aren’t that different from the challenges of life.Yes, it might look extreme to stand on top of a snow-covered mountain, ready to drop in on a 2,000-foot vertical line. But if you’ve taken a risk in your company or your career, you know what it’s like to take a leap. There’s fear. There’s risk. And there’s no guarantee. There’s also an opportunity for great rewards.

From the world of sports to the corporate boardroom, “conquering fear” has become a well-known buzzword.


As your speaker, I draw on my experiences as a skier and competitive athlete to help you and you and your team pursue your goals with passion. Consider one of following options:


Find Your Fearless

From the world of sports to the corporate boardroom, “conquering fear” has become something of a buzzword. Fear is a sign of weakness and something to overcome.
But if you’ve stood at the top of a double black diamond ski run or taken a risk in your company, you know fear can be hard to ignore. And sometimes…it shouldn’t be.


As an Olympic athlete and two-time World Extreme Skiing Champion, I know that unchecked fear leads to the wrong outcomes. I also know that, properly managed, fear becomes a motivator. You can learn to act fearlessly.


In this presentation, I share what I’ve learned about fear—from losing my brother on the ski slopes to big mountain skiing—and how to work with it instead of against it.

Pursuing Goals With Passion

Have you ever achieved your goals only to realize that the payoff isn’t as great as you’d hoped? Or found yourself working so hard to achieve a goal that you no longer enjoy the process?


As a downhill ski racer during the 1990s, I knew what it was like to achieve. I was a member of the US ski team and an Olympic skier. But at a certain point, I realized that the lifestyle of an elite ski racer was keeping me from my love for the sport. I made a bold move: I quit ski racing and road tripped to ski resorts across the United States.


By chance, I landed in Crested Butte, Colorado and stumbled into what’s known as extreme skiing, now known as big mountain freesking. I rediscovered my passion and a whole new career was born—including becoming a World Extreme Skiing Champion.


In this original presentation, I’ll share the insights I’ve learned about letting your passion guide your choices, even when that means a major shift in focus.


“In addition to being one of the great athletes of her generation, Wendy Fisher is a charismatic and compelling speaker, warm, intense and insightful. The story of her professional life as an Olympic ski racer and extreme skiing pioneer will thrill you, and her personal story of overcoming many personal challenges along the way will inspire you.”

David J. Rothman, author of “Living the Life: Tales from America’s Mountains and Ski Towns

“Wendy has an unique ability to communicate with student athletes from around the globe with Team Prep USA 🇺🇸. Her humbleness through her speeches helps our elites relate to the adversity one must go through to be an Olympian!” We are so fortunate to have her on board with the top Jr distance running program in the USA 🇺🇸”

— Trent Sanderson, Owner/Founder of Team Prep USA “Developing Champions Out of Thin Air”

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