As an Olympian and a World Extreme Skiing Champion, I’ve learned that the challenges of the mountain aren’t that different from the challenges of life.Yes, it might look extreme to stand on top of a snow-covered mountain, ready to drop in on a 2,000-foot vertical line. But if you’ve taken a risk in your company or your career, you know what it’s like to take a leap. There’s fear. There’s risk. And there’s no guarantee. There’s also an opportunity for great rewards.

I tailor my programs to meet your objectives ensuring my message is memorable for your guests. I work closely with you to know and understand your culture. This is value added and ensures your guests will have a meaningful experience.

  • Olympian & Former US Ski Team Member
  • 2-Time World Extreme Skiing Champion
  • Competitor: Rebelle Rally & Rallye Aicha des Gazelles
  • Awarded ‘Female Skier of the Year’ Multiple Times
  • Performer in Countless Ski Movies


Booking Information

Fees: (up to one hour) $4000 / 1 – 6 Hours $6000


Deposits and Cancelations

  • A 50% nonrefundable deposit is required to confirm any booking and to reserve the date.

  • Balance of fee is due on the date of the program

  • If client cancels within 30 days or less of the program without immediately rescheduling, the entire fee will be due as complete settlement, plus any out of pocket expenses, including airline penalties

Although I have never missed an engagement, in case of cancellation due to emergency, client will be reimbursed in full or if the client prefers, I will find a suitable replacement.


Travel Expenses

  • Client pays all expenses including full coach airfare (business class on international flights) meals, ground transportation and lodging. Client can handle booking or Wendy will invoice these expenses after the program.

Support Materials

  • A room is needed that can support a PowerPoint presentation. 

Audio and Visual Recording

  • Production or distribution of any audio or video recording of Wendy Fisher is by prior written agreement only.

“In addition to being one of the great athletes of her generation, Wendy Fisher is a charismatic and compelling speaker, warm, intense and insightful. The story of her professional life as an Olympic ski racer and extreme skiing pioneer will thrill you, and her personal story of overcoming many personal challenges along the way will inspire you.”

David J. Rothman, author of “Living the Life: Tales from America’s Mountains and Ski Towns

“Wendy has an unique ability to communicate with student athletes from around the globe with Team Prep USA 🇺🇸. Her humbleness through her speeches helps our elites relate to the adversity one must go through to be an Olympian!” We are so fortunate to have her on board with the top Jr distance running program in the USA 🇺🇸”

— Trent Sanderson, Owner/Founder of Team Prep USA “Developing Champions Out of Thin Air”

To learn more, contact me directly at: or call 970-209-0256